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Gentle Strength Midwifery

Sandra McCurdy, LM, CPM

Gentle Strength Midwifery provides services for the Greater Lansing Area and serves approximately within an hour radius. Midwifery services include holistic care during pregnancy, continuous hands-on labor support and birth assistance, postpartum and well-newborn care. Gentle Strength Midwifery promotes natural birth with minimal interventions.  During the immediate postpartum period we advocate for breastfeeding with skin to skin contact and no separation for mother and baby.


I believe that birth is a normal, physiological part of human life that is not a medical condition. Every study ever done has proven that a planned home birth with a trained midwife is a safe option for low-risk mothers. Home birth provides equal outcomes compared to hospitals with fewer interventions.  I trust women’s natural instincts to move and be active during labor.  I respect and treat my clients as individuals, inform them about what is happening and encourage them to be involved with decision making. I acknowledge the physical, psychological, spiritual and social well-being of the mother during birth.  I believe birth is an intimate experience and truly flourishes in a comfortable and private environment. I strive to establish a trusting relationship with my clients and offer continuous care throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period.  I honor the family’s values and welcome children to attend the birth of their sibling if the parents desire.  I promote breastfeeding and attachment parenting.

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About Me

I became a doula providing professional labor support in 1997.  I had my first child in 1998 born at home.  In 2003 I became nationally certified in massage therapy specializing in prenatal, labor and infant massage. In 2006 I had a waterbirth with my second child. In 2009 I completed 1 ½ years of midwifery clinical experience at a freestanding birth center.  In 2011 I graduated with honors from Ancient Art Midwifery Institute and began my midwifery practice under supervision.  In 2012 I completed 1 ½ years of midwifery clinical experience with a homebirth practice.  I also trained at two busy birth centers in Utah for a month in 2012.  I fulfilled the requirements of the North American Registry of Midwives becoming a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in September 2013.  My third child was born at home in 2013. In 2016 I became a registered preceptor for future midwives.  In 2017 I became a certified lactation counselor.  August 2019 I became a Licensed Midwife (LM) in the state of Michigan. As of 2020, I am a member of the Michigan Board of Licensed Midwives.  ​I live in East Lansing, MI. When I’m not catching babies, I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation, as well as organic gardening. 


Midwifery Services

Too often birth is treated like a medical condition. I serve low-risk mothers helping them have a safe, peaceful and satisfying birth experience.

Lactation Counselor

There are innumerable benefits to breastfeeding. Gentle Strength Midwifery provides support and resources for every breastfeeding family.

Massage Therapy

Relax, renew, and refresh. Massage is not a luxury but a way to a healthier pregnancy.



“Our care with Sandra was kind and gentle. You can tell by her presence that you are going to receive her most caring self and undivided attention. The effects of this type of care lasts well after the baby is born!”

Newborn Exam
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...And what could

     be more beautiful

           than bringing new life

                       into the world...


Contact Me

Please use the form below or send an email if you have any questions or if you are interested in setting up an initial consultation.


Thanks for reaching out, I will be in touch with you soon!

Office Location:
Willow Tree Family Center
1141 N Pine St
Lansing, MI 48906
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